Going International

The goal of USG is to convey the main message of the Toastmasters association, where they yearn to increase the skills in youth who wish to speak in public and enhance the points in an individual that lead to a successful speech that motivates and moves others. Communication is a massive factor to carrying on through life, and USG strives to make sure no one is stumped along the way and that they can very much achieve the fruits of their hard work after participating in the opportunities which are provided. The founders and board members, who all bear the same principle to teaching, will incline to do their best to provide a positive and including learning environment for people both new to these types of communities, as well as those who are already familiar with these practices. On bottom lines, USG cherishes the significance of providing an environment where youth feel empowered to talk about topics that are important to them, and become inclined to share and present in our space. The majority of the focus is mostly on global issues such as BLM, pandemics, politics and climate change, and the emphasis on nurturing passion from the students and inspiring them to create changes around the world is at its peak.


Joining USG comes with numerous perks of being involved with the organization. If new to all of this, it is a great opportunity to start familiarizing yourself with the feeling and ways, as it will be crucial to use in the future. If, on the other hand, you are already used to this, it’s an amazing experience to refine your skills and maybe learn more on the topic, and have a chance to make new friends! (Also a nice opportunity to shine and show off your abilities to the rest of the group.) Applying to be a core member of the community comes with the green light to add to your resume as a high school student since it is from a large title of a speakers organization. The board members have already planned out the majority of the heavy lifting to implement the highest-quality learning space that you will simply carry out for your own branch. The branch will also be added to the main website and featured on the official Toastmasters International website for it is a great feat you have accomplished. Association with the Toastmasters title is inevitable for your reputation, and the practice of leadership and the refinement of speaking, writing, and presentation may be pushed to the limit for your own establishment.



  • Application-based structure to start a branch
    • Leaders must present a convincing reason why they want to start a branch in their area. 
  • Franchised model where we license our material
  • Highlight autonomy and leadership
  • Each club can have its own personality and spin. Groups can have collaborations and events
  • Bi-monthly board meetings for all branch leaders 
  • Annual cross club public speaking competitions
  • Use Toastmasters international as a platform to advertise the club