Penny Batey

Educator/Owner of Penny’s Learning Centre. She studied Early Childhood Education at Sheridan College and Sociology at York University. Penny is passionate about educating youth to follow their dreams, providing the confidence they need to succeed. She has motivated many Toastmasters members across the GTA to start youth programs. In 2010, Penny has founded two clubs: Brampton Speakeasy Toastmasters and Advanced Speakers on the Hill. Penny has travelled throughout the GTA to motivate adults to lead.

Penny 学习中心的教育者和所属人。她曾在Sheridan College以及York University分别教授儿童早教以及社会学。Penny对于教育儿童追寻梦想以及为他们的成功提供自信有着极大的热情。她也激励着许多GTA地区toastmaster会员开始他们的青年项目。在2010年penny创建了两个俱乐部,Brampton 轻松演说Toastmasters以及顶尖高级演说家。Penny也在GTA地区激励许多成年人来引导这些项目。

Max Hu

Max Hu is a high school student at Holy Trinity School. He is very involved at his school as he is the founder of the TEDed club, head of training for MUN, head of marketing for HTSMUN and executive for DECA. Max has lead several leadership initiatives and has won awards in DECA, Model UN, and debate. Max is a primary mentor for USG and prepares engaging lesson plans for every session.

Max Hu是一名HOLY Trinity的高中学生,作为TEDed的创始人以及MUN培训部门,HTSMUN市场营销部门以及DECA的执行部门的首席,他很积极的融于他的学校。在Model UN and debate项目中,Max是USG主要导师并为每一季都提供有趣的课程计划。

Chris Ho

Chris Ho is a York University alumnus and recently completed his Masters of Library & Information Science degree with the University of Alberta. He works as a librarian with Markham Public Library and Richmond Hill Public Library, and as an Occasional Teacher with the York Region District School Board. In 2018, he joined Unionville Toastmasters in Markham to grow and take on a new challenge. Chris helped found USG to encourage young people to improve their public speaking and leadership skills.

Chris Ho是YORK university校友并在最近得到了UOA的图书馆及信息科技的研究生文凭。他在Markham公立图书馆以及Richmond hill公立图书馆工作,并担任york区学校委员会的临时教师。

Michael G. Li

Michael G. Li is a real estate agent and the founder of the iHome Realty Team. Despite his busy full-time job, Michael spends a lot of time on non-profit organizations to give back to the community. In early 2018 Michael and Penny founded iHome Gavel Club at the Gormley Church in Richmond Hill, which has kept running for over a year. Since 2020, Michael has helped Penny bring in more members, from iHome Gavel Club to USG. Michael is a strong supporter and a long term volunteer.

Michael G. Li是一名房地产中介以及IHOME 地产团队的创始人。尽管他有繁忙的全职工作,依然投入很多时间在非盈利机构上并回报社区。在2018早期,Michael 和Penny 在Richmond Hill的GORMLEY教堂创办了IHOME 青年俱乐部,并且运行到现在超过了一年。从2020开始,Michael 帮助penny从ihome引荐了更多会员到USG。Michael是一名有力的支持者以及长期的志愿者。Michael is a strong supporter and a long term volunteer.