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United Speakers Global offers students an opportunity to practice and improve their public speaking skills with activities such as speeches, impromptu games, and leadership activities. USG also provides lessons including how to debate, persuade an audience, and structure a speech. With many leadership roles, the club offers students the experience of leading the class. USG hosts cross club events with guest speakers and friendly competitions to encourage students to participate and speak in a bigger environment. At USG, the aim is to foster and grow the next generation of youth leaders by empowering and inspiring students to find their voice.

Registration (Spring Session 2021 open now!)

报名(2021 年春季班开课啦!)

‼️Click here to see the the 2021 spring session outline document!
点击这里来看2021 春季班大纲!

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** Due to COVID-19, USG is unable to meet in person. As an alternative, we will be offering Zoom meetings.

由于COVID-19, 我们无法面对面举行活动. 作为备选方案,我们及提供zoom网络直播会议。

**USG Zoom Youth Public Speaking event: Zoom ID: 996 115 8327; Every Sat at 5:30-7:30pm

USG青年公众演讲活动:Zoom 码 (ID):996 115 8327每周六下午5:30-7:30